Republicans Win by Running Minority Conservative Candidates

Darrell Todd Maurina
2 min readApr 30
Congresswoman Michelle Steel with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol
Congresswoman Young Kim with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol

Too many people view the Republican Party as a group of “old white men.” Sometimes the best response is to just post facts and photos.

Here’s a local article from the Orange County Register, the local newspaper in the Los Angeles suburbs where U.S. Representative Young Kim and Rep. Michelle Steel are the local members of Congress, entitled “How Young Kim and Michelle Steel helped in South Korean president’s US visit.”

Link here:

Both are Korean-American, and both were directly involved in assisting with the recent visit of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol to the United States. As conservative Republicans they don’t agree with President Joe Biden on many issues, but Young Kim and Michelle Steel do agree with Joe Biden on the need to send a strong message that the US government doesn’t take North Korean nuclear testing lightly. President Yoon spent significant amounts of his time in Washington dealing with Pentagon officials on military matters.

Full disclosure: I’m a political donor to both Kim and Steel. I think it’s important for conservative Republicans in deep-red states and congressional districts like ours to support Republican candidates in areas where, unlike ours, the races are actually competitive and the victory of a Republican is far from a foregone conclusion. Both women are Republicans in districts that supported President Biden’s 2020 election.

Successful candidates need to represent their districts. In Southern California, defeating Democrats means running candidates who reflect the ethnic diversity of that area, and in this case, it means running two women who are both first-generation immigrants.

Anyone who thinks all immigrants or all minorities vote Democrat ought to take a closer look at the reality on the ground in places where conventional wisdom says Republicans shouldn’t be winning, but where they do win by reminding voters that the anti-business policies of California state officials aren’t good for small business owners, many of whom in Southern California are immigrants and minorities.